Passion for graft

Tecnografting srl Unipersonale is an Italian company that produces grafting clips for the horticulture market.

Since its foundation in 2000, moved by a great passion for this sector, Tecnografting has been focusing its efforts on the designing and the realization of products that help and sustain who makes grafting plants. Our goal is and will always be to satisfy our clients’ needs and to solve their difficulties; in fact, we know how thorny and meticulous is the work of grafting, where many factors influence the circle of production and even a light modification may compromise the delicate balances of the rooting and the growing phases.

Attention to the grafting problems

Among the main issues that we set out to solve there are:

  • bacterial infections;
  • too much pressure on the grafting point, caused by less flexible clips or made by poor quality material;
  • not handy clips for the grafters, with consequent waste of time by the workers.

We were able to solve all of this, thanks to the research on the field and our non-stopping growth in designing:
In fact, during these years, we have been testing rubber and silicone mixtures, along with different shapes, dimensions and colors, in order to offer our customers a wide range of high-performing clips, adaptable to any kind of grafted plants.

Direct relationship

After many years in this field, Tecnografting is estimated as a well-known company both in Italy and abroad for its very professional clips: we are present all over the world, offering its customers a fast and safe direct sale; in some other areas, we can count on our reliable distributors, experts in the field too. In this way, Tecnografting is always present in the market and close to its customers and, thanks to this direct relationship between the producer and the consumer, we are able to assist them in a very efficient way, both in the domestic and foreign market.

Desire of improvement

it’s our customers’ feed-backs that have made us grow and they still do it: our desire of improvement always pushes us to give you the best grafting clips up with the times and with your job.